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Where can I see who is enrolled?

Under "Participants" you can see your participant list, where everyone who has signed up will figure. By clicking on a participant name you will be able to see the choices that each participant has made in their enrolment, as well as edit their registration.

How do I register a participant in admin?

If you want to register a participant through the management module, enter the participant in the invitation list and click on their name. Then select the "Start registration" button on the right side. From here you have the opportunity to review the entire registration for each participant and thereby manually register the person.

Can the participants unsubscribe?

You have the opportunity to give your participants permission to unsubscribe. You can also set a date and time, for when they no longer have this option. Under the "Event" and "Basic Setup" you have the option to edit, whether the participants can unsubscribe or not.

Can the participants themselves edit their sign up?

You have the option to allow your participants to edit their registration themselves, and you can also set a date and time, for when they will no longer have this option. Under the "Event" and "Basic Setup" you can customise the participants' ability to edit in their own sign-up.

How do I send a message to my participants?

Below your participant list you have the option to select all of your participants or some of them, then tap "Send email". You now have the opportunity to compose an email to the selected participants. You can also send personal links to their registration, or to the program on the website.

Where can I find/list the participants' choices?

Under "Participants" -> "Other lists", you can draw participant lists on each option under the option and for the program sections that are selectable. It is also possible to view waiting lists and cancellation lists in the same place.

Where can I find my waiting list?

Under "Participants" -> "Other lists" you can see the potential participants who wish to be put on the waiting list. If a seat is released on the event, the organiser must contact the participants on the waiting list. The administrator can send out a reservation along to the waiting list participants with a time limit, so if the potential participant does not respond, the space can proceed to the next one in the list.

Where do I find a list of my participants, who has been unsubscribed / cancelled?

Under "Participants" -> "Other lists" you can see participants who have chosen to unsubscribe from the event or have been unsubscribed by the organiser. But remember, it is the organiser, who defines whether the participant can unsubscribe.

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