Invoice module

Through the invoice module, you can let Conference Manager generate and send invoice directly from the system.

The invoice module helps you keep the complete overview of your payments.

Billing - immediately or manually

With the invoice module, you can decide if you want the system to automatically send an invoice immediately after signing up, or if you wish to manually approve each order before sending invoice.

Option for manual adding order lines (positive or negative)

If you need to order and add a new invoice line or a special discount, you can now manually add lines to the invoice.

Indication of VAT

The system supports different VAT rates on different services/products. Everything is specified and calculated on the invoice.

Order- and invoice list via API

If you need to transfer invoice data to your own financial system or the like, we will provide an API for withdrawal of order and invoice lists. It just requires you to have our API module.


Deposit on registration fee - indicated per participant category

For each participant category, you have the option to decide whether a fixed deposit will be charged. Any final payment that you wish to charge through the system may, for example, be charged one month prior to the event, by sending a payment link to the final payment. Everything can work with auto-capture, so you do not need to spend additional time on your payments.

Instant payment of extras by deposit

It is possible with an option to force the system to charge this payment in advance, even if a deposit is charged. This can for example be used for cancellation insurance, which must be charged initially, in order to be applicable - and this amount is thus added to the deposit.

Key features in the invoice module

Invoices via mail or EAN

Integrated EAN integration allows invoices to be sent directly from the system, whether via mail or EAN.

Payment deadline and withdrawal fee

The invoice module keeps track of payment deadlines, and lets you send out reminders to customers regarding expired due dates.

Rates of VAT

You can indicate extra VAT rates, and everything is automatically specified on the invoice.

Number series and prefix

You can enter prefix and start number to the ongoing invoice numbers, to fit your accounts.


The module costs


In addition

/per invoice

For companies with annual licenses, the module applies to all company licenses.

For single licenses, the module applies only for the specific event, and maximum for 1 year.

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