Backup and copying

With a backup and copy subscription, you can duplicate your events in less than 1 minute, which is very useful if you frequently hold the same type of events.

Conference Manager has become a great success and the amount of data in the system is substantial. To ensure a fast-paced performance, an automated cleanup feature will delete data for events that have been held more than 6 months ago unless you have purchased the "backup and copy subscription".

In addition to copying the historical events, the copy function also provides easy access to launching future courses, etc. For example, if you have 12 identical courses, you can create one and clone it eleven times, with a new date, a new venue and a new website name. Quickly you can focus on the more exciting part, managing the entries on the events.

Extended back-up period, a total of 5 years

If you need additional storage, more than the 24 months offered by the copy and backup module, you can purchase this extra package, where you can add another 3 years of storage. The price of the extension is also 294 pounds ex VAT, which means you get 5 years of storage.

The extension is purchased separately from the basic copy- and backup module and will become effective from the date of the module's order. You must order the copy- and backup module before your events are deleted.

If the subscription to the basic copy and backup module (24 months) expires, your 5-year module will automatically stop functioning. There is no refund for any period not utilised due to different start-up periods.


Backup and copying subscription (2 years)


Backup and copying subscription (5 years)


Regardless of the number of users who make use of this, and with this subscription, your events will be retained for 24 months after the event

Conditions of purchase

Additional purchased modules apply one year from date of purchase and are renewed automatically. There are 3 months termination for a period expiration. At the Conference Manager year license, the module covers all the events and licenses of the company in question. In case of individual events, the module applies only to the event in question and no more than one year. Modules that can not be accessed due to cancelled Conference Manager subscription are not refundable.

Please note our prices are excluding VAT

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