Payment module DIBS

You decide how to let the participant pay.

You decide how to let the participant pay

Conference Manager handles invoicing and payment via:

  • Payment card
  • Bank transfer
  • payment form
  • EAN

In addition, you can freely indicate other payment options, if any.

You can indicate prices for participating at the event, options and accommodation, and decide how you wish to receive the payment. An receipt, which summarises what has been ordered and indicates the payment methods you have chosen, will automatically be sent to the customer.

Card payment

Vælger du at anvende den indbyggede kortbetalingsfunktion, betaler I 1,6% af beløbet for hver transaktion, dog minimum 6 kr. Læs mere om kortbetaling med Conference Manager her

Balances per participants appear in the order list, which is constantly updated as well as the registrations, and any changes to them will be registered.

The order list is the total payment overview, and from here it is Possible to change payment method and send out reminders, which greatly simplifies the work of your bookkeeping!

you can also purchase a complete invoice module to generate and send invoices. Read more about the invoice module her

The extension is purchased separately from the basic copy and backup module and will take become effective from the date of the module's order. You must order the copy and backup module before your events are deleted.

If the subscription to the basic copy and backup module (24 months) expires, your 5-year module will automatically stop functioning. There is no refund for any period not utilised due to different start-up periods.

Use your own payment gateway

It is possible to attach your own card payment for your events, so that the registration process ends in an online payment form that is linked directly to you.

Payment card secures the payment of your customers' participation, as soon as they - by registration - occupy a seat.

In Conference Manager payment summary, simply click 'redeem' after they have completed their order, after which money is raised from the customer's card and added to your account.

With the payment card module for managing your own payment gateway, you get rid of Conference Manager's handling fee, and you avoid the manual work related to billing process.

Price to use your own payment gateway

For the use of debit module, which is an additional module to the Conference Manager, the following is requried:

Card payment Module


/annually + £15 /per month

DIBS Premium subscription


/annually + /per month

Nets merchant agreement


Conditions of purchase

Additional purchased modules apply one year from date of purchase and are renewed automatically. There are 3 months termination for a period expiration. At the Conference Manager year license, the module covers all the events and licenses of the company in question. In case of individual events, the module applies only to the event in question and no more than one year. Modules that can not be accessed due to cancelled Conference Manager subscription are not refundable.

Please note our prices are excluding VAT

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