Custom Surveys

The questionnaires are a good way to evaluate your event when it is over, or for getting an overview of participants' expectations before the event.

The questions can be grouped under relevant headings, such as. "about the course", "about the the lectures," etc. and you can easily sort and edit the questions until they are just as you want them.

You can create multiple surveys if you want to differ between various categories of participants, "no-shows", or participants on certain agenda items, and you can hand-pick recipients, if you wish.

Participants answer the forms online, directly on your registration website so that your design goes through everything you present to your participants.

You'll get responses out as a formatted overview report with graphs - ready to print, and also as raw data in an Excel document you you can work on.

You can:

  • Create questionnaires

  • Keep track as the forms are being filled out

  • Remind participants who have not responded

  • View their answers in a formatted report with graphs etc. or as raw data in Excel

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