With the system, you can handle subscriptions, schedule and manage events down to the smallest detail.


Conference Manager includes a flexible program that makes even complicated events easy to handle. For example, differentiate program sections and prices between your different participant categories, and adjust down to the last detail. The program provides an overview to you and your participants, and the necessary material can be added directly to each program.

Program with differentiated program points


You can create options, your participants can choose or purchase during their registration. There is no limit to how many options you can create, and you can differentiate between your participant categories. In this way you are in control over for example the individual categories' offers and what they must pay.



If accommodation is included for one or more of your participant categories, the system can be used to differentiate between rates, rooms and hotels. Participants themselves make their choice during the registration, and can invite each other to share a room. The system manages your arrival and departure dates, and of course you can send information directly to the hotels.

Different accommodations


You can send emails and text messages to your participants and potential participants. The system can be set to automatically send out exactly when you want. The design from your sign up website is used automatically, and the system can include e.g. personal data, arrangement data and link to registration website. It automatically keeps track of who will receive, and who lacks to respond.

Participant lists

When the basic setup of the event is in place, the participant lists are the system's focal point, where you continuously keep track . All lists can be extracted as reports, which can be disclosed to the bookkeeper. It is also here that you communicate with the participants via email or text, either individually or to many at once.

Participant list
Card payment and payment cards

Payment & invoicing

EAN, invoice, electronic payment card and bank transfer are standard in Conference Manager. It is also possible to associate card payment with Danish and foreign cards, so the registration contains a payment form. You can invoice your participants directly from the system, so that you do not need to book the invoice manually.'

Name Tags

Cases for print are easily created in Conference Manager. The system can automatically insert information based on your event and your participants, while you have full control over the design. In addition, you can also scan the participants' tickets on arrival, directly in the system, and thereby hold a full overview of who has arrived.



Conference Managers questionnaires are a great way to get an overview of the participants' expectations for your event or to evaluate the event after settlement. Get the answers as overview reports with graphs, or as raw data in an Excel document you can work on.'

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