Invoice module

Through the invoice module you can let Conference Manager generate and distribute invoices directly from the system.

The invoice module is fully independent, all you have to do is turn it on.


Let Conference Manager deal with billing your participants. The invoices are of course up to speed with all applicable legal requirements, and are provided as PDF documents via mail or EAN directly from Conference Manager.

You have the option to add content in terms of free text and logo, and you can also specify a prefix, and determine where the sequential invoice numbering range should start.

The invoices can be set to automatically forward along with the order confirmation, or for later, so any adjustments in the enrollment may be made before the invoice is generated and forwarded.

System handles differentiated VAT rates, credit notes, invoices, and you have complete control of which payment options you will provide the participant.


You will always have a complete overview of overdue payments on the the invoice list, and the invoice module keeps track of due dates, so you easily can send out reminders (maybe with a fee).

You may at any time download a complete invoice list, ready to load into your accounting.

Key features of the invoice module

  • Invoice by mail or EAN
    EAN is integrated in the system, so invoices can be sent directly from the system, whether it's via email or EAN.

  • Due date and late fee
    Invoice module keeps track of payments, and allows you to bulk send reminders to customers with overdue payment dates.

  • Tax rates
    You can specify any. Additional rates and all itemized on the invoice automatically.

  • Serial number and prefix
    You can specify the prefix and starting number for the sequential invoice numbers so that they fit into your accounts.

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The module costs € 673, - year
In addition, € 1,50, - pr. invoice

For companies with annual licenses, the module for all its licenses. For individual licenses valid module only for the specific event and max for 1 year. Order here

Order here

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