A day at the office

To provide a slightly better insight into a typical day at Info-Connect (which is the parent company), a fellow employee here describes how a day at the office is proceeding in his case:

A day at the office usually starts with me closing the door to the graphic designers (bandwagon). This is a vital point at the order of the day, and something I will strongly recommend new employees to learn to do quickly.

There is something about these creative types, that makes them a lot more noisy than ordinary people. We do, however, not notice this so much any longer, as we have now caged them in.

The Coding Cave: Bjørn, Brian and Morten

Usually one is in the middle of a task when signing in, and therefore it is easier to just continue where you left off, the day before. We have a wonderful free way of doing things, where you yourself according to best "freedom with responsibility" principle solves your tasks as you feel fit.

We are, however, placed in an open office environment and therefore colleagues are close by, when you need help fixing a problem, or if you need another/different angle on a task - the latter being on of our strong points, I must say :-) !

"Here we have the possibility for following and influencing projects from a-z which gives a strong sense of ownership"

It often happens that you yourself throw new balls in the air, or give ideas to your co-workers - understood in the sense that we often discuss a problem in plenum in order to get input from all sides.

Another plus to the very free frame is that there is never a lack of willing victims when it comes to beating them at the foosball table :-) !

Our foosball table

Coding, of course, is the biggest and most important post on the day, but on top of that is, among other, phone meetings with customers, searching for prey in the fruit basket, a nice lunch with good conversation, lots of water, reading of emails, table football, conversation with colleagues and sometimes meetings with either customers or co-workers.

The social life is thriving, and on top of the obligatory Friday beer, it happens that we meet outside working hours.

This could be over a card game, at sports events or private parties. For instance, you could offer your colleague a wonderful garden bridge as a gift; which he will then - being an ungrateful brat - pass on to his parents. Just hinting at the graphic designers again - but I guess that was a side track.

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I am not a coffee drinker, but others would probably point to the coffee machine (or the "coffee hog" as Kenneth enjoys calling it) as being one of the places where they spend the most time.

The coffee machine :)

"The amount of coffee we have drunk has already exceeded 15000 cups"

I have been here since 2006 and have participated in a couple of really festive Christmas lunches.

In Info-Connect we develop our own web applications in ColdFusion, and when I was hired, I only had experience with languages like PHP, and a few others that I knew little about. The change from PHP to ColdFusion was really easy and I was provided with the necessary tools - books and advising - from the very beginning. You should not be scared of by the fact that you will need a bit of education in ColdFusion - and as a previous PHP-man incarnate, who has now completely surrendered to ColdFusion; I must say that once you have begun to be comfortable with the new system, you will realize that it is in fact a pretty sweet programming language with an incredible amount of impressive tools and features :-) !