You get

Setting up the event

Define dates, time and place and additional options.
You decide which features you want to use.

  • Planning Module (with to-do lists and calendar)
  • Optional participant information
  • Elective Options
  • Optional accommodation
  • Selection of agenda items
  • Setting Currency
  • Setting the language
  • Maximum capacity at the event and individual agenda items
  • Managing differentiated categories of participants, such as
    (VIP, student, etc. Possibility of differentiated prices, options, etc.)
  • Limited access for partners
  • Free support - email and phone support is a mandatory part of the subscription


Conference Manager™ can also assist with creating tickets, name tags and surveys

  • Name tag-/table stand-designer – You print it yourself
  • RFID-/plastic cards and name tags can be printed (add-on)
  • Ticket Module - The participant will receive a confirmation e-mail incl. the ticket containing bar codes
  • Hand Scanner can be installed
  • Logos, images, etc. is stored in "default" for possible reuse
  • Survey and evaluation form



The website is created automatically from the data you fill into Conference Manager™.

  • Add information pages
  • Add colors and images
  • Edit the automatic registration confirmation
  • Meeting appointment to the Outlook Calendar
  • Custom invitations and reminders
  • Group registration for unnamed participants
  • Booking of agenda items
  • Booking of accommodation
  • Booking of extra services
  • Payment by invoice, bank transfer and EAN (credit card payment option can be purchased)
  • Confirmation mail is sent electronically
  • Queue feature if the maximum capacity has been reached
  • Participants can edit their registration themselves
  • Possibility for the participants to describe themselves / their firm and upload photos, links, etc.


Live view of registrations, accommodations, extra services and more can be pulled out to Excel format.

  • Participant Reports (individual participant agenda, extra services, accommodation, payments etc.)
  • Billing draft, which can be exported for personal accounting
  • Overview of the event can be found in the system, including log of all activities
  • Filters for extraction from own lists which can be pulled into Excel

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Extra features


All necessary functions are included in the Conference Manager™.
Additionally, there are some services that go beyond ordinary event organizing which costs extra. These are ordered separately.

  • Backup og copying
  • Custom domain for your event website
  • Online payment by credit card
  • API (gathers active events on an overview page)

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