Ticket Module

Via the ticket module, you can design a ticket for your event, including own pictures and logo, dynamic merge fields, fixed text formulations and a ticket-/ID-number as well as barcodes.

When you've activated the ticket, it will automatically be sent with a registration receipt when the participant has signed up, as a separate PDF to print at home.

Du kan naturligvis også selv trække billetterne ud direkte fra Conference Manager™

Arrival Registration

When organizing your event, you can use a barcode reader connected to a computer, and with Conference Manager™s ticket registration open in a browser you can easily register participants in the entrance continuously as they arrive.

You can connect as many bar code readers, as you have licenses for Conference Manager™.

Ticket registration can of course also be used without barcode readers, by entering the ticket number into ticket module manually, at the participant's arrival.


If your event is a paid event and if a guest's payment is past due or if the guest is using an already redeemed ticket, you are of course made aware of this, so you can respond to it.

In addition, you are made aware if a scanned ticket belongs to a participant who has been erased from the event after his registration.

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