Payment Module


You decide how you want
the participants to pay

Conference Manager™ handles payments via:
» Credit card
» Invoice
» Bank transfer

Additionally, you can specify any other payment options you prefer.

You may set prices on participation and possible choices and determine which payment options the participants should have.

The payment choice will then automatically become part of the registration process, and the balance will appear in the order list in Conference Manager ™, which is automatically updated if the participant make any changes to his registration.

Credit card payment

If you choose to use the build in cardpayment, you will pay 1.6% of the transaction in handeling fee, with a minimum of 0.81 €

Read more about cardpayment with Conference Manager™ here

The order list is the total payment overview, and from here it is possible to change the payment method and send out reminders, which facilitate the work of your bookkeeping considerably!


Use your own
payment gateway

It is also possible to attach your own card payment gateway to the event, so the sign up process concludes by paying with a debit card, but without paying the Conference Manager handeling fee of 2%.

Payment Cards ensures the payments for your customers' participation, already from when they occupy a spot with their reservation.

In the payment summary in Conference Manager™ simply click "Capture" after the participant has completed their order and the funds is raised through Nets from the customer's card and is inserted into your account.

With the payment module you avoid having to pay the Conference Manager handeling fee of 2% and the manual work in connection with payment reminders.

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Price for using your own payment gateway

For use of the card payment module, which is an add-on to Conference Manager™ it is required to have:

Card payment module establishing: € 470
Per month: € 20
DIBS-Premium-Subscription: € 675
Per month: € 80

Nets solidity agreement: € 202

Setup help

  • Here you will find a guide that will help you through the establishment of a PBS-agreement

    Click here