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With a backup and copy subscription, you can duplicate to your events in less than a minute, which is very useful if you frequently organize similar events.

Conference Manager™ has been a great success and the amount of data in the system is substantial. To ensure fast performance, we run an automated cleanup function that deletes data for events that have been held more than 6 months ago, unless you have purchased "backup and copy subscription."

Besides duplication of historical events, the copying function also allows easy access to launching future courses, etc. Do you for example have twelve identical courses, you can create one and clone it eleven times, with a new date, new venue and a new website name. Then you are fast forward for the more interesting work, managing the registrations of events.


The "Backup & Copy subscription" costs € 335 per year, regardless of the number of users making use of it and with this subscription you can preserve your events for 24 months after they have been held.

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