Event setup

The choices you make here form the basis of your event. For example you can determine which options, accommodations and groupings should be be applicable to your event. These basic informations determine the system performance and complexity.

You will be guided through the basic information which determines the system setup from event to event. The options you do not need, you opt out and the operation of the system is simplified. This way the system is continually adapted to your needs for the specific event.

It is possible to purchase a backup and copying subscription for Conference Manager ™. With it, you get easy access to copy and retain your past events for up to 24 months after the event has been held.

You can:

  • Create groups with different permissions or prices

  • Specify the participant information to be filled into the registration

  • Create an agenda (content of the event)

  • Specify eligible accommodations

  • Set up additional choices

  • Create lecturers who can get access to actively manage their agenda items and upload material

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