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In Conference Manager you decide whether you want to make a clean presentation site or a site for online registration. Either way, the site is created simply with a complete registration process based on the information you have provided. If you have created an agenda it will be included , if you have created additional choices, participants can choose between them, etc.

You will be guided through the adjustment of colors and content, so the website adapts to your needs.

You decide the order of your menu points and you can now also choose to have published lists of who is attending the event. As the event organizer, you have the control. You can choose that everyone should appear on the list, or you can choose to provide participants with right to veto, so that they themselves must specify whether they want to appear on the list when they sign up. If the participant chooses not to appear on the list, they will still appear on the list in the number of enrolled participants, which is published along with the list. By default the list will show the the first and last name of the enrolled participants, but as event organizer you can which fields must be visible. Even though participants' email addresses can never be visible.

You can furthermore choose that participants are allowed to upload a profile picture of themselves and add links to their social networking profiles like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

If the participants desire, they can also create a more complete description of themselves and their work, provided that you activate this field for them. The lists may be checked as public or as "visible only to registered and invited". You can also choose that only some categories of participants to be indicated so that special VIP groups eg. be omitted from the list.

It is that easy to create a website

  • Registration flow
    This is automatically created from the information you have specified in event setup.

  • Design
    Choose between predefined designs, or upload images and specify colors and fonts.

  • Pages / Menu points
    You can add as many content pages you want with text and images you can add yourself.

  • Language
    If you change the language on your website, the system's responses and receipts etc. automatically switches aswell.

  • Access
    You decide whether the website should be public or if it should only be accessible for invitees.

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