Let us set your event or website up for you

Basic web design

€ 267

Let us design the top image and choose colors and fonts for your website

Extended web design

Ask for price

Complete redesign of the template for your website

Name tag design

€ 65

We design your name tags

Event setup

€ 400

Fill out the setup document on your event and let us set it up in Conference Manager™

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Print service

Let us print and pack the tags for you.
We add a startup fee of € 33 all print jobs

Paper name tag

€ 0,50/tag

Table stand

€ 0,50/stand

Plastic card w/ color print

€ 3/card

Name tag packing service

€ 1,20/card

We put your name tags in mounts and install any ordered hinges and lanyards. Can be supplied in a box ready for delivery.

Name tag accessories

Paper and card holders etc. for print service or so that you can print and package name tags yourself.

Name tag paper

€ 25/250 pc.

25 sheets w/ 10 cards

Name tag holder

€ 1/pc.

With safety pin and clip

Mounting Box

€ 4,75/pc.

Holds 15 cards

Plastic card holder

€ 0,50/pc.


€ 2,25/pc.

Conference Manager™ lanyard

Table stand holder

€ 3/pc.

Plastic holder for table stand


Modules for Conference ManagerTM

Features that go beyond ordinary event organizing

Domain for your website

€ 335 / € 605

One event: € 335 (max 1 year)
All events for 1 year: € 605

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Backup & Copy module

€ 335 / year

Preserves your events for 24 months after it has been held and lets you reuse the setup from event to event

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Card payment via DIBS

Installation: € 467
€ 17 / month

In addition, it requires an internet payment agreement with Nets and a DIBS Premium subscription

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Conference Manager payment management

2% of the transaction, minimum 2€

Use the build in payment management to easily accept cardpayment

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€ 336 / year

Drag all your active events onto a comprehensive overview page

Text Message Module

6,13 cents / Issued Text

In Conference Manager, you can easily send text message, just as you can send emails. You can use it both to invite, promote, publish last-minute details as well as automatic reminders that people can choose to activate if you allow it.

Special offer

5,000 pieces. 4,40 cents
10,000 pieces. 3,73 cents
50,000 pieces. 3,20 cents

For ordering and further information

Contact Pernille Vestberg at

Phone: +45 8883 2020
email: pv@conferencemanager.dk

About Conference ManagerTM

Conference Manager™ is a unique product that handles registrations and administration of courses, conferences, presentations, exhibitions, workshops and similar events.

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