Use the build in payment management to easily accept card payment

Would you like to save the hassle of setting up paymentproviders, payment agreement with foreign card companies, a special bank account etc. - And ofcource the substantial amounts to providers, which run into several thousand dollars annually + card fees.

Let ud handle payments for your event - without all the hassle.

If you let us handle card payment for your event, we enter an agreement for the provision of payment, we accept payment for your event and monthly we settle payments. The payments received are updated in Conference Manager™ in realtime, so you can see whether the payment is made. You will always have to handle reimbursements your self - we can not do that for you!

For this service, you pay 1.6% of the amount collected, however minimum 0.81€. + Card company's normal fee (which varies between 2.75% and 5.75% depending on the card type and country). You may choose to debit / card fee on the customer's payment so the income for you is neutral. Our fees are excl. VAT.


Do you for example charge 500€. For your event, you pay the following to use our payment module: 500 * 0.016 = 8€. Excl. VAT. If for instance. 120 participants at your event, the total cost of collecting payment kr. 960€, - excl. VAT.

The payments are paid current month + 30 days along with a specification of paid payments. Before we pay the amount due to you, we draw our map and its payment fee.

There are no connection fees. You pay no monthly or annual fee - and only pay when you use the system.

If you wish to accept payment simply activate the payment module in Conference Manager™.

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